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World Cup Bidding!!! - nairrk - 10-28-2010

Bidding for next 2 World Cups turns into a circus

London, Oct 28 (AP) When it comes to the world's biggest game and the world's biggest tournament, allegations of corruption are never far behind - and often don't appear to be too far from the truth.

The bidding process to host the 2018 and 2022 World Cups has turned into a circus - with allegations of some FIFA executives supposedly offering to sell their votes, trash-talking and alleged vote-trading between bidding nations, and fierce arguments over which continent should get to host the 2018 event.

FIFA, the governing body of world football, is under the spotlight, and there's billions at stake and plenty of reputations on the line. Eleven countries are vying for the right to host the next two premier single-sport competitions in the world - and 24 FIFA officials get to decide who wins on Dec. 2 in Zurich