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Hardware issues plague the Google “Nexus Two” causing delay - SRK - 11-06-2010

You’ve seen and heard the rumors of the upcoming Google “Nexus Two” that Samsung is supposedly in the process of developing. With no date of release in sight, it’s anyone’s guess as to when we are going to see this new device. According to TechCrunch, during “dog fooding” Samsung has found a serious problem with the hardware and because of that, the phone will be delayed. Some were speculating that this device will be announced during the Samsung press event on November 8th, but according to TechCrunch this isn’t the case.

The “Nexus Two” is supposedly Google’s next iteration of their “Vanilla” Android OS experience, the experience that was brought the the Nexus One almost a year ago now. Except this time the phone will sport Android Gingerbread (version 2.3). From some reports the N2 is going to be a Vanilla Android Samsung Galaxy S type of device with all of the latest perks that you would expect in a new superphone. Two of the biggest questions surrounding this phone are the release / announcement date and if it will truly be a Google phone as the Nexus One was.

We haven’t seen any hard evidence of this device yet and with a hardware related delay we probably won’t see any for a while. Let’s hope that the hardware problems aren’t too serious and we can see what Sammy has in store for us before the holidays.
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