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China ready for consultation with India over UNSC reform - nairrk - 11-09-2010

Beijing, Nov 9 (PTI) Sounding positive to US President Barack Obama's endorsement of India's bid for permanent seat in the UNSC, China today said it understands New Delhi's "aspirations" to play a bigger role in the UN and is ready for consultations with it over reform of the the world body.

"China values India's status in the international affairs and understands India's aspirations to play a greater role in the United Nations and is ready to keep contact and consultations with India and other member states on the issues of Security Council reform," Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman, Hong Lei said during a media briefing.

"China supports reasonable and necessary reform of the UN Security Council and will maintain priority to giving more representation to developing countries at UNSC so that they can play bigger role in Security Council," Hong said.

RE: China ready for consultation with India over UNSC reform - nairrk - 11-10-2010

India for UNSC: China willing to negotiate

BEIJING: China was willing to negotiate with other UN member states, including India, on the UN Security Council reform, a foreign ministry official here has said while reacting to US President Barack Obama's support to New Delhi's bid for permanent membership of the council.

Hong Lei, a spokesman, Tuesday told a press conference China maintains that increasing the representativeness of developing countries at the UNSC should be prioritised.

China hopes that all parties could act democratically and negotiate patiently to reach a consensus on the UNSC reform-related issues, Xinhua news agency quoted Hong as saying.

Hong stressed that negotiations should serve the goal of narrowing differences, maintaining solidarity and bringing mutual benefits.

China is willing to maintain contacts and negotiate with other UN member-states, including India, on the UN and UNSC reform, Hong said. China values the role India plays in international affairs, and Beijing understands and supports India's willingness to play a bigger role at the UN, he added.

US President Barack Obama made the announcement of support for the permanent UNSC seat for New Delhi during his Nov 6-9 visit to India.

Obama told Indian Parliament on Monday: "Indeed, the just and sustainable international order that America seeks includes a United Nations that is efficient, effective, credible and legitimate."

"That is why I can say today - in the years ahead, I look forward to a reformed UN Security Council that includes India as a permanent member."