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wwe is loosing popularity - Mr.Bhat - 05-01-2009

WWE SmackDown Sets New Low, ECW Rating Drops Hard, More

- Between annual salary ($713,462), stock awards ($882,359) and incentive bonuses, WWE television producer Kevin Dunn earned $1,967,821 in 2008.

- This week's episode of ECW on Sci-Fi featuring Christian's first appearance as ECW Champion scored a 1.17 cable rating, the show's worst number in quite some time. ECW was seen by an average audience of 1.60 million viewers, continuing the show's steady decline from the year's peak of 1.95 million viewers on March 17th. Comparing last night's episode to the previous ten episodes, the show's viewership was down 12.7 percent.

- WWE probably won't be issuing a press release this week as last week's episode of Friday Night SmackDown drew a 1.6 rating with 2.7 million viewers, setting a record low number for the program on myNetworkTV. The show was headlined by Batista and Shane McMahon vs. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.

RE: wwe is loosing popularity - Rdev - 07-25-2009

its ratings might be going down due to cyclical trp but its popularity still exists.