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Rakshit Hargave joins Nivea India as the Managing Director - Sathish - 02-01-2011

Mumbai, February 1, 2011: NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd., an affiliate of Beiersdorf AG, announced the appointment of Mr. Rakshit Hargave as the Managing Director of the Indian Operations with effect from January 2011. Mr. Hargave was the Chief Operating Officer of Lakme Lever Pvt ltd in his last role.

In his earlier roles Mr. Hargave has also worked with Dominos Pizza and Nestle India. Mr. Hargave was the Chief of Marketing for Dominos Pizza (now Jubilant Foodworks) and was responsible for the successful launch of the 30 minute guarantee. While at Nestle, among other roles, he was also the Brand Manager for Maggi. He is an MBA from FMS Delhi and an Electrical Engineer from IT BHU.

Welcoming his appointment, Mr. Kai Boris Bendix, the predecessor to Mr. Hargave said, “After starting up the NIVEA business in India in the past five years, I am happy to hand over to Rakshit as a local executive. NIVEA has become a very relevant player in the Indian market, enjoying fantastic brand recognition and a superior image. I have no doubt, that Rakshit and his team will take NIVEA to the next level in this decade”.

Mr. Bendix, a Beiersdorf veteran, will be heading the Austrian affiliate as his next assignment.

Reflecting on his appointment, Mr. Hargave, MD, Nivea India said, “Nivea has immense potential and a great image. I am very excited to be a part of the team to take it to the next level.”

About NIVEA India: (
NIVEA is the biggest skin care brand in the world and a name that has epitomized care for generations. The brand owned by Beiersdorf AG, Germany launched a wholly owned subsidiary in India in May 2007 known as NIVEA India Pvt. Ltd. The affiliate is headquartered in Mumbai and is responsible for all critical functions such as Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain and Sales to Key Accounts. The parent company Beiersdorf AG, Germany is a Rs. 30,000 Crores (Euro 5,120 Million) Beauty and Skin care MNC. It has affiliates in more than 169 countries, enjoys market shares of up to 30% and has more than 200 No. 1 positions in cosmetics categories all over the world. NIVEA India has a clear focus: To meet consumer’s skin and beauty care needs. Every day. For everyone. For further details, please log on to OR