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Microsoft bids adieu to AutoRun feature - nairrk - 02-09-2011

Bangalore: Microsoft has finally bid farewell to its long criticised feature of AutoRun, that had the dubious distinction of propagating malware when any external drive is inserted to the system. AutoRun was first introduced in the Windows 95 operating system.

The feature of AutoRun was put into play to help the non-technical users to easily install applications without software support calls. It dictated the actions to be taken when an external drive is installed. This was done automatically by executing code embedded in autorun.inf files in the external devices.

The removal of AutoRun is part of the massive 22 bug patches undertaken by Microsoft in the Windows, Internet Explorer, Office and its Internet Server software. AutoRun is disabled via the Windows Update.

The update affects the Windows Server 2008 and pre-Windows 7 versions of the desktop operating system. Windows 7, however, comes with pre-disabled AutoRun feature.
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