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Complaint against 14 TV programmes - nairrk - 02-27-2011

New Delhi, Feb 27 : Popular toon show 'Shin Chan', coverage of the then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y S Rajashekhara Reddy's death and sundry reality television shows were among the 14 programmes against whom the Information and Broadcasting Ministry received complaints for depicting violence, obscenity and vulgarity.

New age reality TV shows, 'Emotional Atyahchar' on Bindass, 'Splitsville-3' on MTV, 'Chintamani' and 'Big Screen' showing obscene visuals on TV 5, telecast of nude images of tennis player 'Serena Williams' on NDTV, telecast of misadventures of which shown visuals of a man lying naked with Sushi spread on him on Fox channel were among the programmes.

'Life Sketches' which denigrate women on Jai Hind TV, 'Shin Chan' on Hungama showing indecent and obscene content and soap opera 'Tere Liye' containing vulgar remarks likely to be offensive against one community are some of the other programmes.

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