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SMS alert about power shutdown - nairrk - 03-15-2011

BANGALORE: Check your mobile. That SMS could be from Bescom informing you about the next power shutdown.

The electricity board on Monday urged its consumers to give their mobile numbers to update their database and alert them about unscheduled/scheduled power cuts.

"Electricity meter readers will collect mobile numbers of all consumers during the time of meter readings. We request all to write or paste their mobile numbers on the meter board," a senior Bescom official said.

The exercise will take at least 30 or 45 days. "We have called for tenders. After technical evaluation, we'll know which company will provide the software to implement it. The sooner consumers give their mobile numbers, the faster will the system be in place,'' officials said.

RE: SMS alert about power shutdown - Arjun - 03-16-2011

ya good news 4 bangalore