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Googles's Nexus S smartphone turns into payment tool - nairrk - 03-25-2011

Bangalore: Now Google's Nexus S smartphone can be used as payment tool via near-field communications technology (NFC).It will use software from a company called Charge Anywhere. The cost of Charge Anywhere is $9.99 a month which includes the back-end payment processing, technology support, and a Web-based management system.

Near-field communications allows devices like mobile phones, to swap information when they're near each other. Consumer can use the NFC technology to pay for items by using their smartphones to send payments directly from their bank accounts to a store terminal.

Charge Anywhere's latest version of software announced in the International Assotiation for Wireless Telecommunication trade (CTIA) that it turns the Nexus S phone into a complete mobile payment device. It allows the owner to process with MasteCardPayPass and Visa Blink payments using the phone's in built NFC technology.

Charges Anywhere's has allowed owners of iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices the mobile payments application to process credit card payment with their phones.

Charge Anywhere CEO Paul Sabella said "The Charge Anywhere payment platform has always stayed ahead of the payment technology curve and by adding NFC payments ensures that our partnering financial institutions, mobile network operators, and distributors always have the most competitive advantage in delivering secure payment technology."

Several mobile companies are also heading towards NFC technology. Charge Anywhere said that it will expand its updated software to other phones beyond the Nexus S as they gain the necessary NFC technology. AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile USA have also started a mobile payment network called Isis which they will offi9cially launched by early next year.

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