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Decision 09: Zee News, Facebook, join hands for live coverage - Mr.Bhat - 05-14-2009

Zee News will broadcast the General Elections 2009 live on the Internet from May 15 to May 17. The coverage will be available on a special website called, which is technologically powered by, an online video content network company.

The website goes live on May 15 and apart from live video streaming, there will be a dash-board on the site and a integration to social media site

Although a first for India, live streaming deals are not without precedent. CNN worked with Facebook to live stream Barrack Obama's inauguration as US President and the response was phenomenal.
[Image: zee-news.gif]
"We are going to pick up the content live from the news studio and stream it directly on the internet. Using our in-house technology, we will ensure a clean advertising-free TV feed online. The stream will be available on a Facebook web page and on an independent URL as well, but Facebook users, especially, will be able to interact proactively," Sunil Nair, founder and CEO, said reportedly.

A Facebook application will be made available on, which will provide an option to the visitors landing on the website to write down their views or comments related to the elections results coverage.

Whenever a visitor writes comments on the Facebook application, it will automatically get published as news feed of that particular member on its profile page and also on the home page of friends linked to him through will be promoted by both Facebook and Zee News. The social media site will run banner ads on, which will redirect its members to the site.

Zee News will promote the URL of the website through its network of channels, tickers on Dish TV channels and through its news anchors, who will mention the site while presenting news. There are plans to create awareness about the site through SMS and e-mail marketing as well.