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IPL gifts a dream season to Kerala tourism - Mr.AB - 05-05-2011

IPL gifts a dream season to Kerala tourism
R Ayyappan
Express News Service

THIRUVANATHAPURAM: The IPL season is turning out to be a veritable dream season for Kerala Tourism.
The fourth season of the bonzai cricket extravaganza has provided Kerala Tourism just the right platform to sell its honeymonsoon packages, called ‘Dream Season Holidays,’ to young high-spending middle-class Indian families: The live webcasting of IPL matches.

Kerala Tourism is a ‘Gold’ sponsor of the live webcast on and youtube/ When the matches are on, Kerala Tourism’s advertisement will be featured on the right hand panel right outside the window featuring the live streaming of the match.

A click on the panel will take the viewer to the ‘Dream Season’ page of the official Kerala Tourism’s website. Dream Season is an attempt by the Tourism Department to lure domestic tourists to the State during the off-season so that Kerala, gradually, is transformed into a 360 degree destination.

‘’Besides this banner ad, there will be pre-roll ads before the match and mid-roll ads in between the matches,’’ said Sairam of Maxus Globus, the multinational IT firm associated with Kerala Tourism. It is the timing of the IPL matches that has prodded the Tourism Department to mount its ads on the web platform. ‘’The matches begin at 4 p.m., a time when most people will be in their offices and also the time when the use of the net will be at its peak,’’ Tourism Director M Shivshankar said. According to statistics put out by Times Internet, more than 4.5 lakh unique visitors -- combined traffic on and -- landed on Indiatimes and YouTube’s IPL live cricket match streaming destinations in the early stages of the tournament.

“On some days (like April 12 and 13), the number of unique visitors (combined) jumped up to 6 lakh. The average time spent by visitors on the live IPL cricket video stream is around 20 minutes during the first week. Approximately, more than 1.2 million page views -- combined traffic on and webpages -- were received each day in the first week of IPL.

As the second stage of the league matches have begun, the viewership is said to have increased further. Its presence at the IPL matches seems to have done a world of good for Kerala Tourism. Statistics given out by Maxus Global says that more than 60 pc of current traffic in is thanks to this sponsorship.

More than 1.7 lakh people have visited the Kerala Tourism website after the IPL began. Most of the traffic came from metros such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata.

‘’Internet is the most cost efficient medium in terms of CPT and Dream season campaign objective was to reach to mass audiences, in a prominent way and by being a sponsor in online IPL in Indiatimes, we are able to reach to our audience in an impactful way,’’ said Sairam of Maxus.