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Believe it or Not: Yahoo spying users' emails - nairrk - 07-08-2011

Washington: We heard a lot about Google and Apple's data collection about users location through their products. While these companies are facing a hard time from US law makers, another web giant Yahoo is reportedly planning to spy on its users.

According to a report in The Daily Mail, Yahoo is going to spy the users' emails for the advertisers. The report added that Yahoo has changed its 'terms and conditions' to get permission to view and scan emails.

According to the new change in 'terms of conditions of use,' Yahoo will also be able to spy on incoming emails from individuals and businesses without prior permission or warning.

Yahoo is aiming to get details on celebrities, subjects, sports, hobbies and products a particularly customer is interested in. It helps the company to show pop-up adds to particular users based on the keywords in outgoing and incoming emails.

"Users who choose to accept the new terms will allow Yahoo's computer systems to identify words, links, people and subjects from their email, so that we can deliver exciting new product features," Yahoo said.