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Cosmic Panda brings new User Interface for YouTube - nairrk - 07-08-2011

California, Jun 8: After Blogger and Picasa, it's the time for YouTube! The search giant Google is reportedly testing a brand new user interface design for its popular video sharing website, YouTube.

Google has unveiled the the new design called 'Project Cosmic Panda' and currently it's in "TestTube experiment" stage. The new user interface gives a never-before look to YouTube and it also gives a different look to videos, playlists and channels.

The new user interface gives a black theme to the player and the background, making it more attractive and gives more prominence to the video played on the player. There are prominent changes in Channels and playlists.

"Our team is constantly experimenting, tweaking and playing with new ways to make your experience exactly what you’re looking for," Google said in YouTube blog.

YouTube team said that around three billion users are logging to the site daily. The company also asked the users for feed backs to apply more changes and to fix bugs.

Users can click here to experience the new YouTube Cosmic Panda project and if you don't like, you can easily roll back to old version.

YouTube's new look was unveiled just two days after we reported Google's plan to rebrand Blogger and Picasa. According to reports, Google is mulling to change the name of Blogger to Google Blogs and Picasa to Google Photos. More over recently, Google introduced changes to its search engine and Gmail. It seems like the California-based company is planning a lot before the public release of their social networking website, Google+.