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GM India to launch the Chevrolet Beat Diesel on July 25 - Kanwar - 07-21-2011

The rising fuel rates have already made the diesel cars a popular choice among the consumers and hatchbacks are the most popular passenger vehicle category in India. Now putting the two together, General Motors India would launch the diesel variant of its Chevrolet Beat in the Indian market on July 25 to reap the benefits of the diesel car wave.

The reports quoted Karl Slym President and Managing Director General Motors India as saying "With fluctuation in fuel prices in India from time to time, the new diesel Beat, the prices of which will be announced at the launch will revolutionise the small car segment, with its engine capacity and fuel economy." The company, which sold about 1.1 lakh cars last year in India, was doubling its growth rate in India as compared to industry average and expected to sell about 1.4 lakh vehicles in all variants this year,up by more than 30 per cent, he said.

It was mentioned in the reports that Slym mentioned that with tremendous demand for its cars particularly in rural areas, the company would increase sales and service network to 300 locations by the end of this year. On capacity addition, he said the Halol unit in Gujarat, which produces one lakh cars a year, could add another 1.4 lakh cars, while the Talegaon unit in Maharashtra has 1.4 lakh production capacity in the first phase and capacity to produce three lakh cars, after completion of second phase in another 18 months.

The reports also stated that when asked about the investment, Slym said the company has so far invested USD 1.5 billion in India. Another USD 250 million each would be pumped in both the manufacturing plants in another one and half year. With 2,500 engineers in its Bangalore Technical Centre for design and development, General Motors was meeting 90 per cent of its global requirements from India and hardly exported 2 per cent from India to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, Slym was quoted as saying and he also ruled out setting up any manufacturing plant in South India.