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Coming Soon: Realtime Search powerd by Google+ - nairrk - 08-05-2011

California, Aug 5: After a month's disappearance, the Google Real-Time search is coming to Google search engine, but, this time it would be powered with the recently launched social networking site - Google Plus.

Google had removed the Real-Time Search, which shows live real-time information from sources that include Twitter, Facebook, blogs, and news websites, in Jul 2011 first week after implementing new design to search result page.

Google introduced the realtime feature on Dec 7, 2009 and included Facebook status updates on Feb 24, 2010. Google rolled out the Real-Time Search to compete with Microsoft's search engine - Bing, which also has the similar feature, which showed results from Twitter and Facebook.

Earlier, media reports revealed that RealTime search was taken away after Google and Twitter couldn't come to agreeable terms for the re-upping of their contract. Later, Google fellow Amit Singhal told technology blog Mashable that they are planning to bring the service back by integrating Google+ data into the stream.

So, soon you can see streams from Google+ on your search result page through revamped RealTime service. But, will it be popular like Twitter streams, which brought major breaking news to the world?