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Prabakaran & 26 LTTE Leaders bodies recovered - Sathish - 05-21-2009

Prabakaran had not worn cyanide capsule; 475 bodies recovered with 26 leaders, Are the two female bodies Prabakaran’s wife and daughter?

Karuna Amman who was Prabhakaran's formerly second in Command of the LTTE and former LTTE spokesman Daya Master have helped the Army to identify the bodies of Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and other top leaders, Defence sources said today (20).

The two were taken under heavy security to Vellamullivaikkal in Mullaitivu around 3.50 pm yesterday by 57 Division commander Maj. Gen. Jagath Dias, 53 Division commander Maj. Gen. Kamal Gunaratne and 58 Division Commander Brig. Shavendra Silva.

The bodies of 30 Tiger leaders, including those of intelligence leader Pottu Amman and Sea Tiger leader Soosai have already been identified.

Today was a day of closure in the LTTE’s violent saga. However, some interesting developments can be expected within the next day or two from the Eastern Province as Ram and Umaram and their teams are traced down

The two leaders move their families to the north soon after their split with Karuna in 2004. Their fate may be revealed in due course as more bodies are recovered from the battlefield.

As reported by the media, LTTE’s former police and ‘political wing’ chief and chief spokesman Nadesan, his family, Pulidevan and his family and Ramesh and his family have all died and their bodies discovered by the Special Forces.

There were rumours that the two leaders had gone down on their knees and begged the Special Forces at which point they assumed the Special Forces to smile and let them go.

Rumours are that Prabhakaran’s entire family was dead. These rumours indicate that even Prabha’s daughter, Duharga was there at the scene. Until otherwise indicated by the government, at this moment in particular, their bodies are nowhere to be found.

Poddu Amman, Soosei and Bhanu and their families have all been killed in the confrontation on the 17th. Other leaders like Lawrence, Karikalan, Ilanthirayan, Papa, Sempian etc are also dead. Their bodies might also be discovered in due course.

The chief of the LTTE’s Mine-laying unit and a chief innovator of the Jhonny Mine and other deadly IEDs has died having lost both his legs in a mysterious blast. The LTTE’s chief of smuggling with India and the deputy of the international procurement units (not Castro) have also died.

Meanwhile the last batch of the 80,500 civilians rescued after the final operation on the 15th were dispatched to Vavuniya today. With this the total number of civilians rescued is a staggering 350,000.

Brigadier Shavendra Silva says that there were only two bodyguards with Prabakaran when he was killed. He had not worn the cyanide capsule and was killed as he was trying to escape meekly, he said.

LTTE’s former armed wing leader and present Minister V. Muralitharan alias Karuna Amman and media spokesman Daya Master identified the LTTE leader’s body. Karuna pointed out that he had always told that Prabakaran was a timid guy and he had not worn a cyanide capsule.

Prabakaran’s personal revolver, his satellite telephone, identity tags and documents were recovered with the body.

Army says that investigations are underway to verify if the two female bodies recovered a short distance away were his wife’s and daughter’s.

Army further says that 475 bodies including those of 26 LTTE leaders have been recovered so far.

Karuna and Daya Master help Army to identify LTTE leaders’ bodies

LTTE other leaders

The other bodies identified so far are:

Military wing leaders - 1. Banu, 2. Lakshman and 3. Jeyam,

Political wing leader 4. Nadesan,

5. LTTE peace secretariat head Pulidevan,

6. Special forces leader Ramesh,

7. LTTE ‘police’ chief Ilango,

8. Prabhakaran’s son Charles Anthony,

9. Sudarman, intelligence leader Thomas,

10 Senior Sea Tiger leader Sri Ram,

11. Women’s wing leader Aravi,

12. Deputy intelligence leader Kapil Amman,

13. women’s leader (training) Ajantha,

Mortar wing leaders 14. Varma and 15. Parda,

16. Prabhakaran’s Secretary Pudiyavan,

17. Special forces leader Jenarathan,

18. Artillery wing leader Ilanparithi,

19. Prabhakaran’s Private Secretary Pudiyam Master,

20. Senior intelligence leader Verti,

21. Intelligence leader Ram Kumar,

22. Senior female intelligence leader Manimekala alias Komali ,

23. Political head in Batticaloa Anna Thurai,

24. Senior Sea Tiger leader Rangan,

25. Senior intelligence leader Vinodan and

26. Internal intelligence leader Madhavan.