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Twitter to be Updated with Facebook like Features - nairrk - 08-29-2011

Bangalore: Recently Google has launched new social networking site Google+ and Facebook integrated Skype with it, Twitter is also up for changes. Well, it is not acquiring or starting something new, rather it is upgrading its current version making Twitter more like a Facebook platform. Twitter, working on a pilot project has given a certain group of its regular users a feature by replacing the traditional "@mention" tab. If the project is successful, then we can see the new tab on every Twitter account.

Twitter is now following the "Facebook way" of providing a summary chart. The tab shows you any Twitter activity that's related to you, such as who started following you, who replied to you, and which of your tweets which were favorites or re-tweeted. The Activity tab, on the other hand, shows the same information, but for people you follow. (Meaning that you can see whom they started following, which tweets they marked as favorites, and so on.)

There are reports that Twitter is inclined to move towards the search engine market and it looks like the micro-blogging site does not want to remain confined to merely a messaging service, although a highly successful one. Quote something then it will be advanced features of the other site which will make a particular web service to stand the taste of time.

Of course, there is a key difference between the two social media services' approaches: Unlike Facebook, Twitter chose to keep this new information separate from the main activity stream. That you have to select these new tabs and intentionally look at them, and thereby managed to avoid the cluttered feel of the Facebook homepage.

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