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UTV Bindaas to launch 'Bindass 21' from 24 May - Mr.Bhat - 05-23-2009

MUMBAI: UTV Bindaas is set to launch a new reality show Bindaas 21 from 24 May onwards and has roped in Fanta as the title sponsor for the same.

The format of the show will look at celebrating the 21st birthdays of various participants.

Participants will be given a phone which can ring any time during the show. The participants may receive an SMS too which can ask any embarrassing personal question from the past on national television. Alternatively, the SMS can also give the participants a 'dare' which they have to perform.

Says UTV Bindass channel head Heather Gupta, ""One's 21st birthday brings in the excitement of finally shaking away adolescence and stepping into adult life. With this show, the select few participants will be able to live out their final crazy moments before embracing adulthood."