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Nat Geo to co-produce 'Helicopter Wars' with Windfall Films - Mr.Bhat - 05-23-2009

MUMBAI: National Geographic Channels International (NGCI) has announced that the four-part series Helicopter Wars would be their co-production with UK-based Windfall Films.

The series, which will premiere on National Geographic Channel in July, recounts the extraordinary personal bravery and dangers of four military missions where helicopter crews risked their own lives to aid others.

In each one-hour episode, crew members provide detailed testimony, revealing their fears and anxieties as their skills are tested to the limit. From two pilots who flew an unarmed helicopter to rescue more than 100 men from a battlefield in Vietnam to a US Air Force Reserve crew made up of civilian volunteers who must rush to save a US Navy Seal hiding from a Taliban manhunt, the episodes cover heroic efforts in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Falklands Wars.

Computer-generated images illustrate how the helicopters operated in intense environmental conditions and executed complex flight patterns while demonstrations detail the complications pilots faced in the skies.

NGCI executive VP content Sydney Suissa says, “Helicopter Wars retraces four thrilling rescue missions only made possible by a machine that has significantly changed the face of modern warfare. The series places viewers inside a warzone cockpit to illustrate the insurmountable odds each crew faced while also documenting the rapid-fire leaps in technology that have brought forth the agile and highly sophisticated helicopters employed today”.

Windfall Films chairman David Dugan says, "This series tells the heroic stories of the most daring helicopter missions ever flown. These pilots share a common trait: they have all flown their machines to the absolute limit and risked their lives to save others".

Windfall Films produces science and technology programmes in the UK. Recent highlights include My Brilliant Brain for Five and NGCI which won the Banff Rocky for Best Science Programme 2008, The Ghosts of the Mary Rose: Revealed; Big, Bigger, Biggest; Monster Moves for Five; Absolute Zero for BBC 4 and DNA for Channel Four and PBS.