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Facebook and Twitter to become friends soon - nairrk - 09-20-2011

San Fransisco, Sept 20: The social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter are soon to become friends since it has been reported that both the sites would join hands to provide an improved social networking experience to their 850 million global users. So, the good news is that the Facebook members will soon be able to pipe their profile directly to a connected Twitter account.

International Business Times reported that Facebook will now allow its active users to update Twitter accounts from their Facebook accounts. Though Facebook confirmed that the linking was coming 'soon', it did not give a specific date.

Before, linking to Twitter was only possible from Facebook pages which are meant for bands, public figures and businesses. By subscribing, Facebook members will be able to see the public activities of almost any of its 600 million users.

The collaboration and partnership between the two globally famous sites might spell doom for Google's latest foray into the social networking world.