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Kick-start your weekend with the Grand Master of Martial Arts only on MOVIES NOW - Sathish - 10-01-2011

Mumbai, September 30th, 2011 - Touted as one of the most dazzling performers of the silver screen, Jet Li's lightning fast moves, affable smile and brilliant performances have made him one of the most endeared actor in the martial arts cinema! He took the silver screen by storm with is debut in Shaolin Temple and created a boom for the Kung-Fu genre in the 80's!

MOVIES NOW salutes the legend that is Jet Li and brings to you a selection of some of his best movies which will not only entertain but enthrall you in the 'Grand Master' series from 30th September to 28th October.

The Grand Master festival kickstarts with the action adventure, Cradle 2 the Grave where Li plays an Intelligence Officer who develops a complicated alliance with a thief (DMX) in order to save the thief's daughter from her brutal kidnappers who will go to any length if they do not get their priceless diamonds. Tune into MOVIES NOW to know what happens next.

Some never seen before action is showcased in the second week with the super successful movie franchise Lethal Weapon. The fourth installment of the movie, boasts of a stellar star cast where all the heroes are so buoyant and charming. Cited to be the best movie of the series, Lethal Weapon is known for its Hong Kong style hard-core action and the ruthless street fighting climax scene between Mel Gibson and Jet Li!

Hero is the show stealer in the third week. A massive commercial hit of its time, the movie revolves around the life of a nameless warrior goes on a mission to protect his Emperor and Empire. With luscious colour spectacle and stunning visual effects it is often referred to as one of the best martial arts movies to have ever been made in Hollywood. A master piece of a creation where every scene looks like a beautiful painting, you wouldn't want to miss this visual & emotional delight.

No Jet Li movie festival is complete without the mention of Romeo Must Die. A modern day adaptation of the classic written by William Shakespeare, the movie has some of the most spectacular fight scenes and chemistry that sizzles between the lead pair of Jet Li and Trish O'Day. A cop crosses seven seas to avenge the death of his brother but falls into a twisted trap that he could never foresee. With plenty of punch from Li and plenty of heart from O'Day it makes for a furious, fun and fast view.

Grand Master Jet Li is presented by Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, powered by Reliance Digital TV in association with Alpha, The New Body Deodorant from Park Avenue, DHL, HDFC Life,, Nissan Sunny, Gillette and Nikon

Catch the ultimate power of Grand Master - Jet Li only on MOVIES NOW from 30th Sep every Friday 9pm!