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Mobile Phones Could be Health Time Bomb - nairrk - 11-10-2011

LONDON: The debate over whether mobile phones could cause cancer has been raging for years. Now, a group of leading scientists in Britain claims that cellphones could be a "health time bomb".

According to them, more than 200 academic studies have linked the use of mobile phones with serious health conditions such as brain tumours.

In fact, in their research report, the scientists point to several studies linking long-term mobile phone use to development of a rare brain tumour called a glioma, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

A 2008 Swedish study suggested children who use mobile phones are five times more likely to develop it, they have claimed.

Other peer-reviewed studies have found inconclusive links to low sperm counts, behavioural problems in children whose mothers used them during pregnancy, and damage to brain cells, according to the scientists.

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