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Opportunities in offing for TV media companies? - Sathish - 11-25-2011

Analogue cable will soon become history in India. The government has approved full digitization of cable services. Although the implementation will be in a phased manner, by 2012, all metro cities will be completely digitized. This will be followed by the cities with a population of more than 1 m which will be covered by March 2013. By September 2014 all urban areas would be covered and by the end of year 2014, the entire country will be fully digitized. This digitization will bring in a whole new dynamic environment for companies in the TV media space.

Analogue cable will have to be completely abandoned. Thus, there will be three options available for digitization. 1. Digital cable 2. Direct to Home services 3. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

Digital Cable- Digital cable services are provided by cable operators themselves using set top boxes. The companies that provide these services are segmented into the Local Cable Operators and Multi System Operators. Local cable operators normally operate independently. Multi system operators like Hathway Cable and Den Networks are associated with a number of LCOs.

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