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Satrang TV on Insat 4A - samanth - 03-07-2012

Quote:SATRANG is the first channel of its kind & is dedicated to the people of Rajasthan. All Programming content of our channel is based on the life of common Rajasthani man & touches almost every aspect of his day to day life. Our tag line “SATRANG – Mahro Aapno “reinforces the very idea that SATRANG is an important part of peoples life in Rajasthan. It’s more like a new family member in every house of Rajasthan to be there with love, right from waking you up in morning with devotional music with some musical & entertainment programs till night to entertain you.

Home Page

.. Would like to see some pics from satellite experts

RE: Satrang TV on Insat 4A - samanth - 03-08-2012

Few Images I got..

RE: Satrang TV on Insat 4A - Mr.AB - 03-09-2012

Some snaps of the channel. The channel name is still appearing as Spacetoon Kids.

Name: "Spacetoon Kids" Provider: "INDIASIGN GGN TELEPORT"
3756, H, 13330 QPSK
83.0°E (0830 - Insat 2E)
Signal: 94% Quality: 77%

NetwordID: 9 TransponderID: 2 ServiceID: 12
Video: 212(H.264) Audio: 312 - hin (MPEG-2)
PCR: 212 PMT: 62 Teletext: 0