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First 37-inch OLED TVs Will Be Coming from Seiko Epson - Mr.Bhat - 05-28-2009

37-inch OLED TVs have been heard of, however, up until now 37-inch large-screen OLED TVs have been nothing more and nothing less than promises made by manufacturers that later denied them due to problems usually related to costs. But Seiko Epson seems to have invented a technology that makes 37-inch and even larger full-HD OLED TVs a reality by solving the problems other producers had with cost or the uneven layering of the organic material.
[Image: First-37-inch-OLED-TVs-Will-be-Coming-Fr...pson-2.jpg]

And all that thanks to Epson's newly discovered inkjet technology allowing it to build up large OLED panels evenly and uniformly. As you pretty well know, OLED technology can display more vivid images than normal LCD technology, with a high contrast radio, wider viewing angles and extremely faster response times. OLED TVs (the ones that currently exist on the market) not only have great contrast and response times but are also lightweight, ultra-thin and require very low power.

Satoru Miyashita, General Manager of Epson's OLED Development Center, had a few words to declare regarding the future of OLED TVs, “Large-screen OLED TVs are the future of displays, and Epson is committed to contributing to the transition to volume production through research and development projects involving inkjet fabrication technologies.”

In order to produce the 37-inch or higher OLED televisions, they plan on using their Micro Piezo inkjet technology instead of the regular vacuum thermal evaporation (VTE) method that is currently the most common method of depositing the organic materials.

Curious as to what OLED means? Well, OLED is an acronym for organic light emitting diode. OLEDs do not need a backlight in order to function (such as LCDs), meaning they draw less power and can operate longer on a single battery charge. They are much thinner, flexible but also degrade pretty rapidly (a problem that has been somewhat fixed lately).