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Sarsa: Gul Panag makes a grand entry to punjabi movies with "Sarsa". Music by Agnee B - sarsathemovie - 08-28-2012

[Image: 87137773.jpg]

Plot outline The Punjabi movie of the year starring Gul Panag directed by the critically acclaimed director of Mitti - Jatinder Mauhar. Music by AGNEE. Coming out soon - SARSA!

This is a story of contemporary Punjabi youth. The Punjabi youth is being dubbed as drug addict, turbulent and quarrelsome. This film is an insider’s narrative, representing the corrupt practices and cruel politics in educational institutions which degrade these institutions.

It is also making poisonous impact on the society as a whole. Living in this vicious atmosphere the characters of this film are not aloof of its evils. They are part and parcel of the ambience around. The youth is advancing to indulge in organized crime. The political structures as well as socioeconomic conditions are responsible for such violent degeneration. Despite the dominantare drug addicts, turbulent and quarrelsome but they understand life very well. Rather they are very close to life.

After his critically acclaimed movie Mitti, Jatinder Mauhar directs SARSA in collaboration with Imaginations Entertainment starring Gul Panag with music by Agnee.

[Image: 65593943.jpg]

Starring Gul Panag, Manav Vij, Kartar Cheema, Raj Singh Jhinger, Jatin Sharma, Yaad Grewal, Victor John, Nishawan Bhullar, Rajveer Bawa, Ajay Sharma, Shaminder Vicky, Nihal Purba, Garv Moudgill, Michael Chang, Lucky Sangre, Lucky Singh, Hardeep Gill and Sahil Dev
Directed by Jatinder Mauhar
Written By Jatinder Mauhar
Screenplay by Jatinder Mauhar and Daljit Ami
Produced by Poonam Pawar
Co-Producer: Gul Panag
Executive Producer: Mehboob Brar
Associate Producer: Gurpreet Baba
Music: AGNEE
Director of Photography: Dhirendra Shukla
Lyrics: Rohit Kaushik, Jatinder Mauhar
Editing: Vikrant Sidhu
Sound Design & Sync: Ravidev Singh
Production Design: Pallavi Bagga and Paavni Saini
Production Head: Arun Kumar
Production Controller: Ajay Soni
Publicity Designer: Harsh Brar
Stills: Anurag Kumar
Costumes Design: Aastha Sharma and Mohit Rai

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