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14 Pak channels in list of 24 illegal channels - waytobala - 12-06-2012

Fourteen television channels from Pakistan figure in a list of 24 channels which security agencies have identified as ‘not conducive to the security environment in the country’.

The agencies have said the content of some of these channels poses a potential security hazard.

The Pakistani channels are PTV, PTV Home, PTV World, Geo TV, Dawn, Express, Waqat, Q TV, Madni TV, Noor TV, Hadi TV, Aaj, Filmax and STV.

Out of the other ten, there are two fromNepal (one identified as Nepal, and the other as Kantipur), and one channel each fromBangladesh (NTV Bangladesh), Maldives (TV Maldives), Bhutan (Bhutan Broadcasting Service), and there is a United Kingdom-based channel, Ahmedia Channel

Other channels from Arab countries are Peace TV from Dubai, and Saudi TV. The origin of ARY TV and XYZ TV has not been mentioned.

Interestingly, Al Jazeera News which had figured in a list disclosed in Parliament early this year does not figure in the latest list issued by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

While 16 states and five union territories have set up monitoring committees, these have also been set up in 274 districts.

The ministry has proposed certain amendments in the Cable TV Networks (Regulation) Act 1995 to deal with carriage of illegal channels and to make their transmission a cognizable offence. The Standing Committee on Information Technology has already submitted its report on this bill to the Parliament.

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