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Haasan approaches CCI in Vishwaroopam release row - MAHI - 01-14-2013

MUMBAI: Actor and film maker Kamal Haasan has moved the Competition Commission of India (CCI) against certain theatre associations. Haasan alleged that these bodies restricted the releaseof his film Vishwaroopam report the Press Trust of India.
A senior official from CCI told PTI,""We have received a complaint from Kamal Haasan (related to Vishwaroopam)...We are likely to take a call on the issue next week." The complaint has been filed by Haasan's production house Rajkamal Films International.
Meanwhile, Haasan has virtually ruled out the premiere of his film Vishwaroopam on the Direct-to-Home (DTH) platform ahead of its release in theatres. He has reportedly admitted a 'change of mind' on proceeding with his controversial decision that had met with stiff resistance from a section of exhibitors.
"I have changed my mind on having the premiere (on DTH platform ahead of releasing it in theatres). I will discuss (with DTH partners) on how close or far to release date (will be a DTH show),"he said.
Hassan observed that he had taken into account suggestions from many to consider the 'good health' of Tamil cinema industry before going ahead with his decision.
"Many had requested me to take into consideration the good health of the industry and proceed with DTH. It is my primaryduty to make it happen," he said after consulting with exhibitors and theatre owners here.
He also said that talks were on with DTH players on the issue but declined to divulge on the matter."They have been kind to me. Will say later when the film will come on DTH," he said.
Haasan said the film will be released in Tamil and Telugu on 25 January as announced earlier but its Hindi release will be finalized only after further talks with industry associates.
The tech-savvy actor-filmmaker's decision to have a premiere of hismuch anticipated trilingual action film on DTH caused ripples in the multi-million rupee Tamil cinema industry, with a section of theatre owners deciding to boycott the film.