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RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 10-19-2013

* New *
1) OFFER 4U (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 83% -
2) Recharge Info (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 82% -

* Lost *
1) Recharge Info (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 -
2) OFFER 4U (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 -

* Updated *
1) BBC World News (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("BBC WORLD NEWS"=>"BBC World News")
2) Cartoon Network (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("CARTOON NETWORK"=>"Cartoon Network")
3) Colors (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("COLORS"=>"Colors")
4) Chutti TV (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("CHUTTI TV"=>"Chutti TV")
5) DD Bharati (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("DD BHARATI"=>"DD Bharati")
6) Big CBS Prime (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 Channel Name("Big CBS PRIME"=>"Big CBS Prime")
7) Fox Crime (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 Channel Name("FOX CRIME"=>"Fox Crime")
8) History TV18 HD (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 Channel Name("HISTORY TV18 HD"=>"History TV18 HD")
9) History TV18 (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 Channel Name("HISTORY TV18"=>"History TV18")
10) DD Gujrati (Airtel) 11520,H,30000 Channel Name("DD GUJRATI"=>"DD Gujrati")
11) ABP News (Airtel) 11520,H,30000 Channel Name("ABP NEWS"=>"ABP News")
12) Kairali TV (Airtel) 11520,H,30000 Channel Name("KAIRALI TV"=>"Kairali TV")
13) Discovery HD World (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("DISCOVERY HD WORLD"=>"Discovery HD World")
14) ETV Rajasthan (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("ETV RAJASTHAN"=>"ETV Rajasthan")
15) HomeShop 18 (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("HOMESHOP 18"=>"HomeShop 18")
16) Adithya (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("ADITHYA"=>"Adithya")
17) Kairali We (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("KAIRALI WE"=>"Kairali We")
18) ABP Ananda (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("ABP ANANDA"=>"ABP Ananda")
19) Channel V (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("CHANNEL V"=>"Channel V")
20) ETC Punjabi (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("ETC PUNJABI"=>"ETC Punjabi")
21) Isaiaruvi (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("ISAIARUVI"=>"Isaiaruvi")
22) Kasturi (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("KASTURI"=>"Kasturi")
23) Animal Planet (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("ANIMAL PLANET"=>"Animal Planet")
24) Bindass (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("BINDASS"=>"Bindass")
25) FOOD FOOD - Sanjeev Kapoor (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("FOODFOOD-SANJEEV KAPOOR"=>"FOOD FOOD - Sanjeev Kapoor")
26) Captain TV (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("CAPTAIN TV"=>"Captain TV")
27) Bhakti TV (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("BHAKTI TV"=>"Bhakti TV")
28) Discovery Science (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("DISCOVERY SCIENCE"=>"Discovery Science")
29) Discovery Turbo (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("DISCOVERY TURBO"=>"Discovery Turbo")
30) ABP Majha (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("ABP MAJHA"=>"ABP Majha")
31) ETV Oriya (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("ETV-ORIYA"=>"ETV Oriya")
32) ETV Bihar (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("ETV BIHAR"=>"ETV Bihar")
33) Amrita TV (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("AMRITA TV"=>"Amrita TV")
34) 24 Ghanta (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("24 GHANTA"=>"24 Ghanta")
35) B4U Music (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("B4U MUSIC"=>"B4U Music")
36) IBN Lokmat (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("IBN LOKMAT"=>"IBN Lokmat")
37) Jaya Max (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("JAYA MAX"=>"Jaya Max")
38) Colors HD (Airtel) 11640,V,30000 Channel Name("COLORS HD"=>"Colors HD")
39) Angel TV (Airtel) 11643,H,25000 Channel Name("ANGEL TV"=>"Angel TV")
40) Disha TV (Airtel) 11643,H,25000 Channel Name("DISHA TV"=>"Disha TV")
41) DD Punjabi (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("DD PUNJABI"=>"DD Punjabi")
42) DD Malayalam (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("DD MALAYALAM"=>"DD Malayalam")
43) DD North East (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("DD NORTH EAST"=>"DD North East")
44) Jaihind (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("JaiHind"=>"Jaihind")
45) India TV (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("INDIA TV"=>"India TV")

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 10-20-2013

* Updated *
1) Mi Marathi (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("MI Marathi"=>"Mi Marathi")
2) Sakshi TV (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 Channel Name("SAKSHI TV"=>"Sakshi TV")
3) Puthiya Thalaimurai (Airtel) 11520,H,30000 Channel Name("PUTHIYA THALAIMURAI"=>"Puthiya Thalaimurai")
4) NDTV Profit (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("NDTV PROFIT"=>"NDTV Profit")
5) MH1 Shraddha (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("MH1 SHRADDHA"=>"MH1 Shraddha")
6) MH1 (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("MH 1"=>"MH1")
7) Masti (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("MASTI"=>"Masti")
8) Saam TV (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("SAAM TV"=>"Saam TV")
9) PTC Chakde (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("PTC CHAKDE"=>"PTC Chakde")
10) Sirippoli (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("SIRIPPOLI"=>"Sirippoli")
11) Sangeet Bangla (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("SANGEET BANGLA"=>"Sangeet Bangla")
12) Nick (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("NICK"=>"Nick")
13) Makkal TV (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("MAKKAL TV"=>"Makkal TV")
14) Polimer (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("POLIMER"=>"Polimer")
15) Paras (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("PARAS"=>"Paras")
16) Sadhna TV (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("SADHNA TV"=>"Sadhna TV")
17) Sony (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("SONY"=>"Sony")
18) Offer 4U (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("OFFER 4U"=>"Offer 4U")
19) Movies Now (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("MOVIES NOW"=>"Movies Now")
20) News Live (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("NEWS LIVE"=>"News Live")
21) Neo Sports (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("NEO SPORTS"=>"Neo Sports")
22) Set Max (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("SET MAX"=>"Set Max")
23) Rupashi Bangla (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("RUPASHI BANGLA"=>"Rupashi Bangla")
24) Star Gold HD (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR GOLD HD"=>"Star Gold HD")
25) Star Movies HD (Airtel) 11640,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR MOVIES HD"=>"Star Movies HD")
26) Movies Now HD (Airtel) 11640,V,30000 Channel Name("MOVIES NOW HD"=>"Movies Now HD")
27) Maa TV (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("MAA TV"=>"Maa TV")
28) Shalom (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("SHALOM"=>"Shalom")

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 10-21-2013

* Updated *
1) Star Plus (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("STAR PLUS"=>"Star Plus")
2) Star Movies (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("STAR MOVIES"=>"Star Movies")
3) Zee Telugu (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("ZEE TELUGU"=>"Zee Telugu")
4) Udaya News (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("UDAYA NEWS"=>"Udaya News")
5) Zee Trendz (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 Channel Name("ZEE TRENDZ"=>"Zee Trendz")
6) Topper (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 Channel Name("TOPPER"=>"Topper")
7) Zee Classic (Airtel) 11520,H,30000 Channel Name("ZEE CLASSIC"=>"Zee Classic")
8) Star Utsav (Airtel) 11520,H,30000 Channel Name("STAR UTSAV"=>"Star Utsav")
9) Zee 24 Taas (Airtel) 11520,H,30000 Channel Name("ZEE 24 TAAS"=>"Zee 24 Taas")
10) Zee Cafe (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("ZEE CAFE"=>"Zee Cafe")
11) Udaya Music (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("UDAYA MUSIC"=>"Udaya Music")
12) Star Cricket (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR CRICKET"=>"Star Cricket")
13) Star Vijay (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR VIJAY"=>"Star Vijay")
14) Sony 8 (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("SONY 8"=>"Sony 8")
15) Tarang (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("TARANG"=>"Tarang")
16) Ten Sports (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("TEN SPORTS"=>"Ten Sports")
17) Zee Kannada (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("ZEE KANNADA"=>"Zee Kannada")
18) Zee Bangla (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("ZEE BANGLA"=>"Zee Bangla")
19) Star Vijay Hitz (Airtel) 11560,H,30000 Channel Name("Star Vijay HITZ"=>"Star Vijay Hitz")
20) Times Now (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("TIMES NOW"=>"Times Now")
21) Star Sports (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR SPORTS"=>"Star Sports")
22) Star World (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR WORLD"=>"Star World")
23) Suvarna News (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("SUVARNA NEWS"=>"Suvarna News")
24) Vasanth (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("VASANTH"=>"Vasanth")
25) Udaya Comedy (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("UDAYA COMEDY"=>"Udaya Comedy")
26) Sony Mix (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("SONY MIX"=>"Sony Mix")
27) Ten Cricket (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("TEN CRICKET"=>"Ten Cricket")
28) Neo Prime (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("NEO PRIME"=>"Neo Prime")
29) Star Gold Hitz (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 Channel Name("STAR GOLD HITZ"=>"Star Gold Hitz")
30) Zee Studio (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("ZEE STUDIO"=>"Zee Studio")
31) TV9 Kannada (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("TV 9 KANNADA"=>"TV9 Kannada")
32) Zee Marathi (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("ZEE MARATHI"=>"Zee Marathi")
33) Zee TV (Airtel) 11600,V,30000 Channel Name("ZEE TV"=>"Zee TV")
34) Star Plus HD (Airtel) 11640,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR PLUS HD"=>"Star Plus HD")
35) Star World HD (Airtel) 11640,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR WORLD HD"=>"Star World HD")
36) Zee TV HD (airtel) 11640,V,30000 Channel Name("ZEE TV HD"=>"Zee TV HD")
37) Zee 24 Ghantalu (airtel) 11643,H,25000 Channel Name("Zee 24 Gantalu"=>"Zee 24 Ghantalu")
38) Zee News (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("ZEE NEWS"=>"Zee News")
39) Zee Business (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("ZEE BUSINESS"=>"Zee Business")
40) Zoom TV (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("ZOOM"=>"Zoom TV")
41) Zee Cinema (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("ZEE CINEMA"=>"Zee Cinema")
42) Star Gold (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("STAR GOLD"=>"Star Gold")
43) Subhavaartha (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 Channel Name("SUBHAVAARTHA"=>"Subhavaartha")

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 10-22-2013

* New *
1) TWITTERAPP (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 83% -
2) TWITTERAPP EPG (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 83% -
3) TWITTERAPPTS3 (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 83% -

* Updated *
1) Ten Action (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("TEN Action"=>"Ten Action")
2) Sony Aath (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("Sony 8"=>"Sony Aath")
3) Discovery (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("DISCOVERY"=>"Discovery")

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 10-25-2013

* New *
1) MBC TV (airtel) 11680,V,30000 77% -
2) Puthu Yugam (airtel) 11680,V,30000 77% -

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 10-29-2013

* New *
1) NE Bangla (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 82% -
2) Public TV (Airtel) 11680,V,30000 76% -

* Lost *
1) iDevotional (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 -

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 10-31-2013

* Updated *
1) Aakash Aath (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("Aakash Bangla"=>"Aakash Aath")

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 11-01-2013

* New *
1) MTunes HD (Airtel) 11483,H,26600 82% -
2) Mangal Kalash (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 82% -

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 11-06-2013

* Updated *
1) Star Sports 4 (Airtel) 11480,V,28800 Channel Name("ESPN"=>"Star Sports 4")
2) Star Sports 3 (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("Star Cricket"=>"Star Sports 3")
3) Star Sports HD 1 (Airtel) 11520,V,30000 Channel Name("Star Cricket HD"=>"Star Sports HD 1")
4) Star Sports 1 (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 Channel Name("Star Sports"=>"Star Sports 1")
5) Star Sports HD 2 (Airtel) 11640,V,30000 Channel Name("ESPN HD"=>"Star Sports HD 2")

RE: Frequency Wise Channel Updates of Airtel Digital TV on SES7 at 108.2 East - Sathish - 11-08-2013

* New *
1) Dabangg (Airtel) 11560,V,30000 77% -
2) Maiboli (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 75% -

* Lost *
1) Captain TV (Airtel) 11600,H,30000 -