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I love tikona's fast internet service... - Nshetty05 - 06-19-2013

We have been with tikona for 1 year and it was the best decision we made. Originally we were on Reliance, it was quite expensive and slow, we sometimes would pay 1500 per months for just the broadband. They tried explaining but they got lost during the process.
Tikona online billing is simple and easy to use. Tells you all the things you need to know. Our internet is fairly quick and save us a decent amount of money! Whenever I give Tikona a call, they are always helpful and gets my problem sorted out quickly so I don't really understand why loads of negative comments about customer service.
So far we have only had one connection problem and that due to the exchange damaged by something(not sure exactly), but this wasn't really tikona's fault.
All in all, I love being with tikona's fast and reliable service. In our house, we have many devices connected to the internet at same time; 2 laptops, 1 desktop computer etc. The internet isn't laggy for games and runs smoothly...
Another point for make is that normally people go online to complain, very few people actually spends the time to say something good about a company. This applies to all of us, we only go online to complain and try and find out some info so don't just judge a company by the sole reputation some people. Give it a try if you want. Also, always explain what you want to them hope they will help you with their best service.

RE: I love tikona's fast internet service... - syedmohd1005 - 06-20-2013

I had a look at different tarriff plans of tikona and i feel it is expensive.... There is no doubt that they provide good service but still the packages are expensive.... I get 15mbps for 1100rs on beam telecom while tikona provides just 2mbps for 1000rs... May be it is due to the fact that it is wireless