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Asianet Suvarna launches ‘Katheyalla Jeevana’ with Lakshmi - Mr.Bhat - 07-05-2009

[Image: kathayellajeevana.jpg]
Winning the hearts of Kannadigas with entertainment programmes has always been the hallmark of Suvarna TV. Taking forward this spirit, Suvarna is now adding another dimension with a new reality show called ‘Katheyalla…Jeevana’. The show will be hosted by the well-known South Indian actress Lakshmi, who is known for her versatility and her popularity across borders. Suvarna also takes pride in introducing the evergreen actress Lakshmi to the Kannada Television Industry for the first time.
The talk show will bring to the fore various real life stories that are not only engrossing but also connect with the audience; stories of people who have faced dire situations and have won the battle; stories of broken hearts and homes; stories of families that need solace; souls looking for consolation in life. Lakshmi seeks to help and counsel them in an interactive way and help overcome the challenges that they face. This show aims to do all this and more.
Lakshmi asserts that “Such delicate issues should be heard with patience and with a humanitarian approach. Since I have witnessed and interacted with people facing such complex problems for past few years, I feel that there should be an ideal platform to console broken hearts and address their immediate concerns. This show is not limited in showcasing only problems but it also brings stories of people who have been successful in overcoming their problems without losing their confidence and determination to move on in achieving their goals”
“Through this show, we believe that we can empower such individuals and families who have become a victim of anxiety, separation and have lost hope in their lives. This will be a whole new experience for the viewers who have been watching the mundane, monotonous serials and reality shows until now”.
“STAR network has always set standards for innovative programming and thought provoking entertainment. We are very pleased to partner with Lakshmi and present to Kannada television viewers human interest stories that will emotionally tug at their hearts. Lakshmi is our first choice to breathe life into the show and we are confident that KATHEYALLA JEEVANA will be loved by our viewers. We will continue to innovate and bring superlative content to keep our audiences enthused with the shows on Suvarna” says Mr. Jagadish Kumar, President, Star Network, South India.
The show will be telecast from Monday to Friday between 8 pm and 9 pm from June 22nd.
“The main objective of this program is to evoke social responsibility among the audience than just entertaining. The viewers will be able to relate to the various issues discussed in this program. And thus find answers. In the history of Kannada Television Industry, this will surely be a milestone leap. The main objective of our channel is to convey a moral message to our viewers”, adds Mr. K Madhavan, Managing Director, Asianet Communications Limited.