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Sony LIV launches 3 new TVCs to highlight its on-demand servic - adithya - 10-15-2013

Sony LIV, a video-on- demand service from Multi Screen Media Group has released three new TVCs highlighting its proposition of ‘anytime, anywhere on- demand video’. A consumer behaviour study done by the brand revealed that today people are hard pressed for time and like their entertainment in byte-sizes on-the-go The marketing strategy is inspired by the well-established truth that‘modern life is all about the little escapes’, said MSM. The creative agency behind the campaign is Havas Media; the core idea of the campaign being ‘Mazey ke break lo, kahin bhi dekh lo’.

Sony LIV platform comprises 18 years’ of content from Sony’s stable, covering genres such as drama, comedy, thriller, reality shows, etc. It ncludes all the channels from MSM Group. The recently released TVCs communicate that viewers can watch their favourite current or archived shows anytime, anywhere. Nitesh Kripalani, Executive Vice President – New Media, Business Development and Digital/ Syndication at Sony Entertainment Network commented, “Today, India is defined by time crunches, personal and professional pressures and long work hours. The only way to deal with this everyday stress is to carve out some time for a ittle break. We at Sony LIV want to make these breaks as entertaining as possible for Indian consumers.” Sony LIV is available online as well as across platforms including Android Windows 8, Apple iOS and Java Shavon Barua, President – West and South, Havas Worldwide Mumbai shared, “Time is the biggest luxury for the young urban consumers of today. They like their entertainment in byte sizes on-the-go. This segment of young urban consumers is the potential early adopters for Sony LIV. The most pleasant thing in their time-crunched life is a short break worth its time. That’s how we arrived at the campaign idea, ‘Mazey ke break lo, kahin bhi dekh lo’. kahin bhi dekh lo’
The market for on-demand video and mobile TV has captured the magination of the broadcasting industry. With a slow but steady mprovement in the internet infrastructure of the country, the services in this category are likely to gain more attention and mileage Airtel DTH recently launched its on-demand video service. Ditto TV, on the other hand, is a full time mobile TV player; the channel has been launched by ZEE Group. Although industry experts have highlighted that poor broadband speed, ow penetration of internet in India (less than 10 per cent) and long payment cycles are the major challenges in this sector, media analysts also highlight that players are more focussed on long-term gains such as brand value orientation and ease of access from such services rather than short- term losses

RE: Sony LIV launches 3 new TVCs to highlight its on-demand servic - dthdevic - 03-12-2014

good news