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Help Me Some Doubts Abt Fta Receivers ! - rockstar08 - 12-25-2014

I am newbie to this,its my first post.
I have read somewhere in this forum that there are 2 bands : C band and Ku Band !

My Doubts :
1. Can a Same Fta Receiver can receive both C band and Ku Band ?
2.All Channels are Not Available On Same Satellite,So Can I add Multiple Satellites in My Setup ?
3. Will I Get Dish also with FTA Receiver ? If Not Suggest me the best dish antenna specifications !
4. My TV doesnt Support HD Resolution,So If I buy HD FTA Receiver,then Can I Reduce the Resolution Or Normal Quality Channels will be available on My fta receiver !

Pls Post answers. I used to watch live tv,but some links doesnt work and also i am unable to get all free channels online !