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Online video ads let's you play - Mr.Bhat - 07-20-2009

Vdopia, an online video advertising solutions provider, is all set to take interactivity of online video ads to the next level.

The company claims that it is ready with a new feature, Talk to me, which will empower viewers to click on the various elements – people, product and objects – of an online video ad and enable them to interact with or alter it.

For instance, in a car video ad, consumers can change the colour of the car; alter the colour of the clothes worn by the people and roll the mouse to get more information about the car.

Not only this, users can also save the video ad in their computer, share it with friends through e-mail, blog or any social networking site and request for a brochure. Another option under the Talk to me feature allows an advertiser to offer multiple and different landing pages from a single video ad.

Interestingly, all these interactive features will be made available inside the video ad itself and users are not directed to any other landing page to do the alterations, get more information, share or store the ad.