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HomeShop 18 launches 'Monsoon Sale -Discounts Ki Baarish' - Mr.Bhat - 07-20-2009

HomeShop 18, the 24-hour home shopping channel, has launched its 'Monsoon Sale -Discounts Ki Baarish' under its 'More for Consumer' strategy. With this, television viewers can avail of round-the-clock discounts for the month of July.

Under the monsoon sale, the channel has relaunched some of its old shows including Flat 50% off, Gadget Bazaar; Weekend Loot, Bachat Time, Homemaker, Jewellery Special and Kids Special with a new look and feel to reflect the theme.

HomeShop 18 CEO Sundeep Malhotra says, "HomeShop18 is emerging as a destination where customers can get quality products at a great value and enjoy the convenience of shopping from home. This format of round-the-clock sale was very well-accepted by customers during our year end maha sale. We have therefore brought back the similar format with this Monsoon Sale."

RE: HomeShop 18 launches 'Monsoon Sale -Discounts Ki Baarish' - sripatiyadav - 07-21-2009

Good news for those people which buy frm homeshop18.personally i dont like homeshop18.