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Firefox 3.7 GUI Redesign for Windows 7, Vista and XP - Sathish - 07-21-2009

Mozilla plans to redesign the graphical user interface of future versions of its open source browser for the Windows operating system. In fact, the initial themes for the Windows theme revamping have already been published, are available via Mozilla Wiki, and are included at the bottom of this article. According to Mozilla, the GUI overhaul is planned for Firefox version 3.7. At this point in time, users can download Firefox 3.5, which has been made available at the end of June, 2009. No telling yet just where Firefox 3.7 fits into Mozilla's plans moving forward. The mockups involve the GUI on the various releases of the Windows client, including Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Still, it must be emphasized that the initial windows theme mockups for Firefox 3.7 are nothing more than drafts, and that, in this regard, the concepts could differ from the final revamp of the open source browser. “These are not final! they are only for brainstorming/exploration!” a message on the website reads.

Here are the main aspects of the Firefox 3.7 GUI redesign: “1.Embracing Glass: Toolbar and Tabs using Glass. Buttons translucent and slightly glossy to meld with the toolbar. Raised 3D lookachieve tactile ‘feel.’ 2.Tools/Bookmark Bar: Connecting the Tools button to the side of the Window to emphasize the fact that it is used for customizing and changing the UI. Adding a button next to that to toggle the Bookmarks Bar which is turned off by default. 3.Page Button: Connect the Page button to the left side of the tab area. Directly connected to the Page.”

Mozilla has already debuted work on the successor of Firefox 3.5, namely codename Namoroka, also referred to as Firefox 3.6 (although the version number is likely to change). Even with Namoroka, Mozilla plans a consistent level of integration with the Windows operating systems, especially with Windows 7, and the associated eye candy, Windows Aero Glass, Windows Aero Peek.