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Lavender Series LCD Launched - Mr.Bhat - 07-21-2009

Samsung India has announced the launch of its flagship series of LCD monitors - Samsung Lavender Series in the Indian market.
The new Lavender series is available in 21.5" and 23" screen sizes offer consumers Complete Display Solutions for their entertainment and business needs. The Lavender Series LCD monitor comes with the Touch of Color (ToC) design and a contrast ratio of 50000:1, a response time of 2 ms; viewing angle of 170/160 and a 16:9 Wide format Panel that is made for multimedia
and optimized for HD Content .

The Lavender series has a slimmer neck compared to conventional models and has front OSD Touch buttons that emit red lighting from under the panel. Samsung claims that the Lavender series eliminates the need of using non-biodegradable components in manufacturing of exterior panels, making it 100 percent recyclable and environmentally friendly. Also, the Lavender Series consume less than 1W of power in the Power Off Mode, adds Samsung.

The Samsung Lavender Monitors are available in 21.5" and 23" wide display format and are priced at Rs 12,500 and Rs 13,500 respectively.

RE: Lavender Series LCD Launched - sripatiyadav - 07-22-2009

Good product at low price.

RE: Lavender Series LCD Launched - Rdev - 08-10-2009

Definately good price for such a quality product!!