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Apple Music is coming to Android, leaked screenshots suggest - nairrk - 10-26-2015

Apple is not known to extend its services to rival platforms. The only app Apple has ever launched on Google’s Play Store is the one that lets users to move their data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone. Back in June, Apple announced its 24/7 global music radio and streaming service called Apple Music at WWDC 2015. The service was later rolled out to Apple devices along with iOS 8.4 update. Apple had also announced that the service will be made available to Android smartphones, later this year. And now we have our first clear look at how Apple Music would look on Android.

Last week CEO Tim Cook had announced that Apple Music had 15 million active users out of which only 6.5 million were paying for the subscription. Apple would hope this to change when the services launch on Android, considering rivals like Spotify and even Pandora are far ahead.

The leaked Apple Music for Android screenshots offer a sneak peek at the app interface. states that app is a private beta running on an Android smartphone. Looking at the screenshots, it seems like Apple Music’s Android counterpart is set to come with the same set of features as on iOS devices, including the 24-hour radio station Beats 1.

In terms of the interface, Apple Music for Android seems to have borrowed some UI elements from iOS, while sticking to Android UI guidelines. Music categories such as @connect, Radio, For You and Playlists seem to be present in Android version also.

Apple Music service is available for $9.99/month (approximately Rs 650) in the US, however, in India, the service is available for just Rs 120/month for individual accounts. There is also a family plan for Rs 190/month, where the subscription can be shared with up to six family members.

Apple’s closest rivals include Saavn and Gaana, both of which offer their premium music streaming service starting from Rs 120/month and Rs 99/month, respectively. At the moment, there is no word on exactly when Apple plans to unveil the Apple Music service for Android, but it is expected to happen sometime in the next week. Till then, stay tuned!