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{Pics} "FUTURE_TV" Started on Asiasat-7 - jenius-jatt - 10-27-2015

"FUTURE_TV" Started on Asiasat-7 @ 105*East

A New Channel named as: "FUTURE_TV" Started on Asiasat-7 @ 105*East, This Channel replaces "MLQ_MOVIES" so here find some ss bellow.

TP DETAILS:- 4166 H 5040


[Image: TV2015102700135100_zpsob7yw5ht.jpg]

[Image: TV2015102700133200_zpsivpcnegg.jpg]

[Image: TV2015102700132300_zpsh7fp3ex4.jpg]

[Image: TV2015102700142600_zpsllvtscr0.jpg]

Enjoy......At the time of ss PK Movie was playing....