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Airtel to soon rollout 4G services in Rajasthan - nairrk - 12-08-2015

Airtel will launch 4G services in Rajasthan within a few days and cover other important cities in next six months, a top official said.

“We are ready to introduce 4G services in the state which will be launched in few days. Along with the preparations for this service, we are upgrading our existing infrastructure under project leap”, Manoj Murali, CEO-Rajasthan-Airtel, said today. He however did not divulge further details of the 4G service plan. Under the project leap, he said, the company has started work on massive network transformation.

“Airtel has announced Rs 60,000 crore investment for the program and around 6-7 percent of the total investment will be made in Rajasthan”, he said.

Airtel also said that as part of ‘Project leap’, it will deploy over 70,000 base stations in the current fiscal, while over three years, more than 1,60,000 base stations will be put up across the country.The proposed investment of Rs 60,000 crore is over and above Rs 1,60,000 crore the company has already invested in its active and passive network, spectrum, fiber, submarine cables and systems till date.