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Acer XPLOVA S5 cycling computer with video recording announced - rahul1117_kumar - 04-22-2016

Apart from a number of laptops, convertible and a new Chromebook 14, Acer also unveiled XPLOVA S5 cycling computer that comes with video recording capabilities.

Xplova X5 is targeted at growing enthusiast market with a focus on cycling club captains, event organizers, media and other members of the community. The computer comes equipped with a wide-angle camera to record exciting moments on the road. Intelligent algorithms let cyclists automatically capture three-second video clips of the scenery based on pre-determined parameters like speed, heart rate, GPS coordinates and even unique points of interest. Recording can also be triggered manually, and users can select and compile up to eight clips into a unique video, which can then be uploaded to social media for friends and followers to share the moment. The high-quality videos are recorded at 720p resolution and a transflective color screen provides comfortable viewing even in direct sunlight.

As an integrated hardware, software, and services solution, the Xplova X5 features Smart Sign Guidance™ which syncs and stores riders’ favorite routes directly on . This allows the creation of detailed journeys with unique points of interests saved in the cloud and played back on the X5 cycling computer. Advanced cyclists will enjoy using Smart Sign Guidance™ to plan workout routes and tough hill climbs for truly dynamic training sessions. Smart Sign Guidance™ also works with the Xplova Moment App, and users can also download routes from around the world shared by other members of the Xplova community.

The Xplova X5 acts as a live dashboard that presents a rider’s performance data in real-time. It displays the metrics like cycling speed, heart rate, cadence, strength gauge, etc. A customizable Chart View is also available for more detailed graphical analysis and to compare speed, heart rate, power output, gear position, distance, and trip duration to help riders maximize and improve their training efforts. Live GPS tracking is also a great added feature for cyclists to keep tabs on the team while still pursuing individual or pack challenges. Thanks to its IPX7 water-resistance, cyclists can rest assured knowing that the X5 remains protected and functional in all types of weather, and lets users keep the Live Dashboard on display and guiding the way, even in torrential rains.

The device comes with Xplova moment app that has a number of features. The Xplova X5 will be available in Q3 and there is no word about the pricing.