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Karnataka Premier League gets bids worth Rs 350 mn - Mr.Bhat - 08-08-2009

BANGALORE: The Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA) pulled in bids worth Rs 350 million spread over five years for the Karnataka Premier League (KPL).

The bidding for ownership of eight zonal teams concluded at 4 pm. The bidders will have to pay the first instalment of the bid amount by 10 August to enable them to participate in the player auction which will be held on 14 August.

The state’s construction industry seems to have outbid other bidders in procuring teams. Out of the 22 bids received, one of them was found invalid due to technical reasons.

The Bangalore Urban team received the biggest price bid of Rs 72 million from the Brigade Group.

Bangalore Rural went to the Purvankara group who bid Rs 55.5 million. The Purvankara group bid was made through its associate company Melmont Construction.

The Brigade group was also the highest bidder for team Mangalore at Rs 52 million, but had to forego Mangalore which then went to the second-highest bidder Fizza Developers at Rs 42.3 million.

Budding politician Kuppendra Reddy bid the highest for the Mysore team at Rs 32.5 million. While Belgaum went for
Rs 38.1 million to Subhash Enterprises, Hubli-Dharwad went for Rs 37.7 million to politician and MLC Shamanur Shivashankarappa. Gulburga went for Rs 35.5 million to Nandish Reddy and Shimoga went for Rs 32.5 million to Jayaprakash Hegde.

The inaugural Twenty20 KPL, modelled along the Indian Premier League (IPL) featuring the eight zonal teams, will be held from 12 - 27 September with four of the matches to be held in Mysore and the rest in Bangalore under lights with a white ball.

The KSCA is organising the tournament in association with sports management firm Frontiers Group India.

RE: Karnataka Premier League gets bids worth Rs 350 mn - sripatiyadav - 08-08-2009

Its good move.good news for regional teams players.