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Channel [V] revamps, pumps in reality show content - Mr.Bhat - 08-10-2009

After years of playing music, Channel [V] now plans to re-furnish its content with a clutch of new shows, including the reality show genre to be launched this month.

Channel officials announced the details of the refurbished [V] in Mumbai on Monday morning.

Revamping its content with the baseline ‘Bloody Cool’ two new VJs, VJ Manish and VJ Andy have joined the channel’s team.

The channel which initially had 90 per cent music content and 10 per cent talk based and reality based content, has shifted gears to 60 per cent music and 40 per cent reality show content. Citing the reason for the shift Channel [V] general manager Prem Kamath says, “Music channels like us have to constantly reinvent to keep our target audience intact. We wanted the channel to look refreshing and give a new experience to our viewers. We were one of the first few music channels to air reality shows, we have just extended the content keeping in mind the current trend. Also, though we have reduced the content of music but the percentage still remains high.”

The new shows that will hit the airwaves are ‘Exhausted’, ‘Dare to Date’, ‘Kidnap’, ‘Campus Blog’ and ‘School of Cool’ along with VJ Lola Kutty’s talk show ‘Lola Sunday’. The shows will air primarily on the weekend though the schedule is not announced as yet. “Apart from reality show genre we have explored several other formats as well,”says Kamath.

Dedicated primarily to Hindi music, the channel will air Indi pop as well local rock music apart from Bollywood music. “We cater to the Hindi music listening audience and hence we stopped featuring international music on the channel. Indian music industry is dominated by Bollywood but apart from that we air other genres of Hindi music as well,” concludes Kamath.