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Google introduces Tilt Brush for HTC Vive through Steam - rahul1117_kumar - 05-16-2016

Google has just launched Tilt Brush, a next generation virtual reality experience. The application is only available for the HTC Vive users through the Steam store as of now.

Tilt Brush is a painting tool that lets you draw in three dimensions. The entire room is a canvas. Whatever you paint, is stored in memory in three dimensional space. Painting is almost like sculpting. There are applications demonstrated for fashion designers, landscape artists and as a fun activity for children, in a launch YouTube video.

The interface has options for both beginners and advanced users. Children can just fool around in colourful brushes, but experts have cloning and symmetry options available, similar to a fully featured three dimensional modelling application. There are also a bunch of brushes that helps you paint dynamic effects. These include twinkling stars, paint splatters, rainbows, mutating neon lights and more. These also include liquid and particle simulations, so falling snow, burning fire or blowing smoke can be simulated and located in the painting. These effects allows painters to incorporate some pre-defined animations into their three dimensional paintings.

Once created, Tilt Brush art can be shared between users either as the entire 3D setup or as animated .GIFS. There are also snapshots, or photos that can be taken while painting. Users can walk around the room and look at the creations from all angles once the painting is done.