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Nurses' body file complaint against Kapil Sharma - charger - 05-20-2016

A body of nurses today lodged a complaint against stand-up comedian and actor Kapil Sharma for allegedly depicting nursing profession in bad light and demanded an apology from him.

The All India Government Nurses' Federation today lodged a police complaint with the North Avenue Police Station in New Delhi district expressing their "resentment over derogatory representation of nurse" in an episode of a private television show aired on a popular TV channel, sources said.

In the complaint, the federation has demanded that all versions of the episode (broadcast on May 7 and 8), in which a popular Bollywood actor was the chief guest, be removed from all platforms, including the internet.

It also demanded a public apology from the stand-up comedian and actor and two others associated with the channel and the programme, the source added.

Two days ago, nursing and paramedical staff of government Guru Nanak Dev Hospital in Amritsar, which is Sharma's hometown, had staged a demonstration over the issue.

Later, a nurse association there had lodged a police complaint too.