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Apple iOS 10: Here are the 10 big features coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - rahul1117_kumar - 06-15-2016

At the annual WWDC 2016 conference, Apple has unveiled the new features and improvements that are coming to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices with iOS 10. While the developer preview for iOS 10 has already been released, the final version will be available to download later this year. Let’s dive in deeper and take a closer look at 10 big features coming to iOS 10.

1. Lockscreen:

Apple says iOS 10 focuses on enhancing the user experience, and keeping that thing in mind, the company has worked on redesigned lock screen, rich notifications, expanded 3D Touch and quick interactions with apps. There is a new feature called ‘raise to wake’ that wakes up the screen when you raise your iPhone 6s / 6s Plus and check the notifications without pressing a button.

The notifications are highly interactive with 3D Touch, so if you have a calendar notification, just tap and hold on it, and you can jump right into it to get all the detailed notifications. You can even accept or decline the invitation. If you’ve received a message, you can respond to it right from the lock screen while staying within the conversation. The feature also works with third-party apps. So, if you get a notification on Uber, you can message the diver or cancel the trip. With 3D Touch, you can also ‘clear all notifications’ with just a single touch.

The control center has also been redesigned and swiping to the left brings a music widget with controls and album art. Also, from the lock screen, sliding over from the right opens up the camera app. Sliding over from the left brings up the widgets such as Calendar, Weather and more. Also, on the home screen, 3D Touch on Activity app brings up information about the number of steps walked, sleep activity and more. In case of third-party apps, such as ESPN, a simple 3D Touch can bring up the live game scores, and more.

2. Siri:

One of the major improvements in the iOS 10 comes in the form of Siri, which is also a huge part of the user experience. Apple is finally opening up Siri to developers. You can now ask Siri to send a WeChat message to your contact, and it can open the app within the environment. Siri on iOS 10 will also support messaging on apps like Slack and WhatsApp in messaging.

Siri can also handle ride booking with services like Uber, Lyft and Didi. It can also do a photo search within apps such as IM, ShutterFly and Pinterest. You can even start, stop and pause your workouts in apps like MapMyRun, Runtastic and Runkeeper. That’s not all; you can even do payments to send money to family and friends via Square Cash and Ali Pay in China.

Siri can also do VoIP calling on Skype and others with CarPlay. You can now safely send your messages as well make VoIP calls on Skype, all inside the CarPlay environment.

3. QuickType:

Apple is bringing Siri intelligence to the QuickType keyboard by using deep learning techniques. Siri will offer intelligent suggestions, help you respond with current location, contact information such as phone number or email address. Also, in the conversation, if you are talking about the place, event and time, Siri can intelligently prefill the schedule. Siri can also add calendar availability, do multilingual typing, look up for restaurants and more.

4. Photos:

The updated Photos app now uses deep learning and facial recognition to identify and classify objects and scenes in your photos. It can also tag photos based on the location. All of this is done locally on the device. Also, your photos and videos can be sorted based on the location, trip and activities to help you relive those moments.

You can also turn your photos into highlight reels by adding the effects and audio track, and then apply based on your mood. The photos app can bring up photos of topics and people while offering an intuitive user experience.

5. Maps:

With iOS 10, Apple Maps bring in the all new design with easy to access controls and details on locations. Apple Maps can also proactively suggest you about time to reach work, lookup the event and find location, and more.

You also get convenient ways to filter down and search based on coffee shops, fast food, bakeries, deserts, restaurants and groceries. So, for instance, if you’re looking for a restaurant to eat, you can further narrow down the search based on sea food, Chinese, continental, breakfast and brunch, and more.

Navigation also get the overhauled design with information about the distance, estimated arrival and traffic on route. There is also dynamic view feature to pan and zoom to look for traffic ahead. Quick controls are also added to let you check for petrol pumps along the route. All these features are also available on Carplay. If there is traffic ahead, maps will proactively suggest you alternative routes. Of course, it remains to be seen what all features will work in India.

6. Apple Music:

Apple has also made much-needed improvements to Apple Music with a completely new design. You now get better clarity and simplicity along with the new and redesigned user interface. The first tab has library with tabs such as playlists, artists, albums, songs and downloaded music. There is also a recently added section. What’s more, the app also shows lyrics for you to read it and groove along. The next tab is ‘for you’ where you can discover new music. Also, with beats1 radio, you can see what’s playing live, upcoming shows and also see featured shows as well.

7. News:

Apple News now has more than 2,000 publications and it too has been redesigned. The stories are now broken into categories, making it easier to follow. There are topics you can choose, such as sports, technology and more. There is also a featured stories section chosen by the editors.

The new app also gets subscription services from magazines such as National Geographic, news paper from The Wall Street Journal, and more. Apple is also bringing breaking news notifications which will now be delivered right to your lock screen.

8. Homekit:

Apple is working on making the home automation products work easily and securely. The accessories supported by HomeKit include – garage doors, thermostats, locks, sensors, fans, window shades, lights, outlets and security. With the new update, it now supports air conditioners, doorbells, humidifiers, air purifiers and cameras. Products made by every major home accessory makers are now supported.

There is also a new Home app, right on your home screen. It shows personalized wallpaper and all your accessories. To turn on the light, just tap the icon and it will turn on. To adjust the dimmer, just tap and hold and slide down. There are new modes such as night, morning and more. You can customize them to do certain tasks at specific times. For instance, tapping one button will turn off all the lights, TV and close window shades, while keeping on the AC or fan. Also, just say ‘good morning’ to Siri, and it will automatically turn on the lights, open the window shades and more.

9. Phone:

New features have been added to the Phone app such as voicemail transcription, APIs for caller ID and more. There is also a new VoIP API for integrating apps into the lockscreen, recent and favorites. Some of the apps using the API include Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Viber and more.

10. iMessage:

One of the biggest improvements now comes to iMessage app with rich link preview and videos within the transcript. There is also intelligent emoji suggestion, and tap to replace the text with emojis. iMessages also gets support for end-to-end encryption to keep your conversations, bubble effect and invisible ink where the recipient can slide over the bubble to read it.

The app also supports handwritten messages, digital touch that records the video of whatever you draw and sends it. Messages can also have full-screen effects. That’s not all; you can even send photos and doodle over them. There is also app drawer support for third-party apps within the messages with sticker support, GIFs and more.

The iOS 10 update will be available from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro all variants, iPad Air and iPad mini all generations,and the iPod touch 5th and 6th generation. The upcoming iOS 10 update does look interesting.