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Tata Sky Mobile App Technical Spec's - Rdev - 06-27-2016

Tata Sky's Mobile App will allow users both Apple iphone & ipad (ver 6 and above) and Android phones & tablets (ver 4.1.2 and above) to enjoy Live TV everywhere they go. Streaming with wi-fi connection is smooth ad plays well with 3G too. With statistics on 3G usage being more than doubled in the latest internet traffic data reported by Nokia Networks we can safely assume that there will be a very small portion of users using 2G net to consume data like videos, movies etc. Now we will have access to our favourite shows, movies, sporting events right from our phone. With Tata Sky's Video on demand (VoD) huge library of videos, shows, movies we can never get bored on the go and always have the option to tune in to something of our interest. VoD is available to all subscribers but is accessible only on phone by SD and HD subscribers. Tata Sky+ transfer will allow transfer of recorded content from transfer+ set top box to Tata Sky's mobile app on iOS and android devices. Overall the app has easy navigability and very friendly ux that makes the app more appealing.