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Now check your sugar level on mobile with this smart Glucometer - nairrk - 07-05-2016

[Image: gluco.jpg]

For most of us, glucometers are those small box-shaped battery powered devices, which determine our sugar levels by testing the fresh drop of blood we put on their strips. The procedure hasn't changed much over the years, but companies are trying their best to improve the devices' accuracy and ease of use. For instance, recently Cooey, an India-based firm which aims to personalize healthcare via their health monitoring IOT platform, has announced its Smart Glucometer in the Indian market for an asking price of Rs 2,981.

Unlike other battery powered glucometers, which work as an independent device, Cooey's Smart Glucometer connects seamlessly with your Android device (phone) and automatically maintains a record of your daily/weekly/monthly sugar levels online.

How it works?

Measuring just 185x110x40mm, the Smart Glucometer can easily sync data to any Android device; you only need to connect it to the phone via a 3.5mm headphone jack and that's it. Once connected, you follow the same old method for determining your blood sugar levels-put a drop of blood onto the strip and insert it in the glucometer to get a reading. One needs to install Cooey's mHealth application in his phone so that the machine can instantly log your readings online, which you could refer to in future or even share with your doctor via WhatsApp or emails and seek medication. This application is available for free on the Android Play Store.

The competitive advantage?

There are a few things going in Smart Glucometer's favour: its compact size, mobile sync capability and no dependence on the device battery. However, in a price-sensitive market like India, Cooey sure needs to strategize around competitive advantage and differentiation to justify its premium price tag of around Rs 3,000. We don't see any reason why Indians would think of paying this much amount when they can several branded glucometers are available for as less as Rs 500 on Amazon India and Flipkart. Among the most popular ones that we found online were: the J&J One Touch Select Simple Glucometer and Dr Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Glucometer available for Rs 840 and Rs 845 respectively.

Product specifications

-Mobile Sync
-Compact and light weight
-Real-time sharing
-Mobile app
-Minimum blood 0.6 ml Blood
-Super fast and accurate calculation
-Package size: 185x110x40mm
-Weight: 9g
-Storage temperature: -20 To 55 degrees Celsius
-Colors: Black
-Interface: 3.5mm phone jack
-Supporting application: Cooey App in Play store
-Battery: 5 years or test about 4000 times