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Facebook to start testing offline videos in India from July 11 - rahul1117_kumar - 07-07-2016

Facebook will start testing the option to download videos offline in India from July 11, say reports. Facebook has sent out emails to select media partners, pointing out it will start testing the feature from July 11, and the downloaded the video will only be available on the Facebook app, so as to protect copyrighted content.

On our Facebook page for Indian Express, we see an option for Content Distribution, which lets publishers tick an option to prohibit downloading content from the page.

The Tab has a little question mark explaining the setting, and according to Facebook it will allow video downloads in some countries. Publishers can turn that option off if they wish to do so. Facebook also says the videos will be never be made available to download on the local mobile device.

Facebook has put the emphasis on video as it seeks to boost revenues and engagement on the site. Users must have noticed how publishers across the world are going all out to do more videos on Facebook: from live to quick 2 minute videos to share with users.

With the option to go offline, Facebook wants to ensure users in India, who might not always have great connectivity everywhere, have a chance to watch the video later.

Facebook is following YouTube when it comes to this offline feature. In India, YouTube’s offline feature has been around for sometime and lets users save some videos to watch later. Now Facebook wants to do the same, and challenge the great video platform YouTube, at least in India.

It will be interesting to see how soon the offline feature is launched in India, and how many publishers sign up for this.

For Facebook, video is the next big frontier it wants to conquer and given the importance of the Indian market, it is logical the offline feature is being tested here.