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6 things Alibaba’s smart internet car can do that your car can’t - nairrk - 07-08-2016

[Image: alibaba_oscar_rx5.jpg]

China’s Alibaba Group has launched its first YunOS powered, mass produced internet car called OS’Car RX5. Built in collaboration with SAIC Motor Corp, it is an SUV (sports utility vehicle) priced between RMB 99,800 (approximately Rs 1,006,400) to RMB 186,800 (approximately Rs 1,883,700).

YunOS was launched in 2011, and since then, it has become an integral part of Alibaba’s Internet of Things (IoT) and mobile internet infrastructure. Based on Android, YunOS connects smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, the OS is now making its way to car dashboard, advanced rear-view mirror and large touch screens as well. OS’Car with YunOS will take on Google’s Android Auto and Apple’s CarPlay.

“What we are creating is not ‘internet in the car’, but a ‘car on the internet’. Smart operating systems become the second engine of cars, while data is the new fuel. Going forward, cars will become an important platform for internet services and smart hardware innovation. We will be embracing a world where everything is closely connected,” Dr Wang Jian, Chairman of Technology Steering Committee of Alibaba Group said.

YunOS is designed to offer drivers with a host of features such as data streaming, reporting and modeling to offer an ultimate driving experience, the company said.  Together with cloud-based data, YunOS brings a series of innovative features to OS’Car RX5 drivers. Let’s take a quick look at those features.

Intelligent map: Drivers get instant and precise location based on sub-meter, without using GPS or Wi-Fi. While details about how exactly it works are scarce at the moment, we assume it could have some beacons at certain locations across the city for location tracking. The intelligent map can also zoom in or out based on the speed of the car.

Smart voice control: The car can accept direct voice commands, thus creating a safer driving environment. It enables drivers to easily control the system with their voice including commands like starting and stopping the engine.

Detachable action cameras: The OS’Car RX5 comes equipped with four detachable cameras allowing drivers to capture 360-degree in-car selfies and also record their journey. What’s more, one can instantly share their selfies with friends using a connected smartphone.

Internet ID: This feature in enables the to recognize the driver using the connected smartwatch or a smartphone. This also enables personalized services such as preferred settings, AC temperature, music and destinations. Even if the car is driven by multiple people it customizes itself according to the driver.

[Image: oscar_yun_os_dashboard.jpg]

Integrated screen: The RX5 comes with three screens – an LED dashboard and a large touchscreen to control everything from temperature to music, AC and more. It also comes with an intelligent rear-view mirror to ensure safer driving.

Open platform: The YunOS is an open platform for different services and smart hardware which will eventually enable manufacturers to develop and integrate IoT based devices to further enhance the driving experience.

That’s not all; OS’Car RX5 features new generation design language. Together with lower oil consumption, powerful accelerator and advance fuel technology, it has a shorter braking distance as well.